The spirit story

The universe needs your unique crazy powerful divine inner being right now.

 Your Crazy Powerful Divine Inner Being

Who is your crazy powerful divine inner being?

She's you!!!!

But more importantly she's all the beautiful, unique parts of you that if you accept with gentle grace, come together to be unleashed on the world in magnificent fashion.

She's the you that dreams, big massive dreams and believes that anything is possible

She's the you that keeps fighting to succeed even when anyone else would have given up

She's the you that create and gives and laughs

And if it seems like you don't have a crazy powerful divine inner being, let me tell you, you are wrong, and I know this because she's also the you who always puts others first.

She's the you who get's the kids to school and goes off to work even though she's been sick for a week.

She the one who gets dinner ready every night even though she really isn't hungry

But above all of these things

She's all the parts of you that make you truly fabulously you

She's the part of you that comes from a place of unconditional love.

She's all of the parts of you begging to be unleashed on the world to answer the universe's call

why does the universe need your light?

For the last 3-5,000 years depending on the teaching you follow, the world has been influenced by a masculine dominated energy creating separation from our source, materialism, misery and hardship in our world.

Now is a time of growth and expansion in the universe our world and our consciousness as the winds of change blow and the universe moves into an era dominated by feminine energy creating oneness, growth and peace in our world.

Now like no time in history, women have the freedom to honour their deep inner selves and step into a personal power that shines bright and influences all she touches.

The Universe needs you to add your greatest power to it's energy so that as one, the crazy powerful divine population of women on this plant can help give birth to the new paradigm which is happening now!

Lightworkers, healers, artists, lovers, freedom fighters, human rights activists are all being called to be who they are at their inner core and let it shine for the world

step into your divine feminine light 

There are several ways to access your divine inner being .


love who you are

Embrace and love all parts of your self as unique, beautiful and necessary.

Often there are parts of ourselves that we deny or hide away from the world because society has made us feel bad that this is part of who we are and we think we will be rejected misunderstood or unloved if we are our unique selves so we try to squeeze ourselves into moulds that fit other people. As a result we dim our light and succumb to anxieties, depression, low self esteem etc. 

By loving all parts of our selves and doing so unapologetically we begin creating a state of mental health and shine our very brightest light.


collaborate with others

Lower consciousness thinking is separating and creates a need to work by oneself for oneself. There is a need to be independent and prove that it can be done without help and what is done by the self is only done for the self, there is no sharing or common good.

Higher consciousness thinking allows for collaboration and opens the self up to work with others for the benefit of the greater good.

Accept help from others and offer help to others. Find a team to join or take on a career collaboration with other like minded souls. 

The benefit to your feminine energies will be immense.


Laughter is indeed one of the best medicine's around!

Laughing creates a sense of enjoyment and peace and opens the self up to the gifts of the universe.

Practice Gratitude

gratitude is the fastest way to change our mood to one of love and peace. Be taking the time to experience gratitude we are are in essence giving thanks to the universe for the things we already have in our lives and count our blessings. 

Experiencing gratitude can help us to see things more clearly, foster a more positive attitude and improve relationships


Accept a compliment

when somebody offers you a compliment, don't shy away from or it, or think that the person is wrong in saying what they are. If somebody else has taken the time to give you a compliment, chances are they mean it because it is what they truly think, so allow yourself to accept the complement given to you.

Even repeat it to yourself a few times so that it syncs into your psyche just like an affirmation!

Are you a light worker?

Light workers are from all walks of life, filling service positions in all levels of society. A lightworker will show up in all kinds of situations and at times in our lives when we really need their particular shining light.

  • Have faced hardship and adversity
  • Have a deep burning desire to help others
  • Feel strongly about human rights issues


Spread your unique light so that others may follow

When you allow yourself to step into the highest version of yourself and shine your brightest light, you don't have to go looking for lives to change because you will act like a homing beacon to those who need your light and the lives you are supposed to change will be able to find you and seek you out.

Others will see your bright light and be inspired to turn on their own lights, in turn inspiring others.

So you see even if you think you have nothing to offer the world, simply by being who you are and shining your brightest light you are destined to help change the world!


Raising of consciousness – Moving from a fear based separated thought systems to a higher level of consciousness including unconditional love, connectedness and abundance.

Activation of DNA –  As our vibration rises and our consciousness levels along with it, strands of our DNA which has been left lying doormant for thousands of years are becoming reactivated. These strands of DNA control our access to ancestral and cellular memories

Physical symptoms – 

Awakening code – seeing sequential numbers at random times and places throughout the day is simply the universe trying to get your attention and communicate with you.

Shifting the current paradigm – As our consciousness rises, old rules we used to live by are being shattered as we break free and live our own lives unhindered by old outdated rules of society.

Connecting to the universe

White light meditations – 

Attunements – 

Prayers and chants – 

Spells – 

Guides – 

Grounding – 


Your luminous energy field

Magnetic field surrounding the body

Can be different colours – 

Vibrational – 

Flow on effect  – 

Damage – 


Protection – 

raise your vibrations

drink water – 

eat the rainbow – 

Laugh – 

Exercise – 

live authentically– 

Give back to the universe

Live authentically – 

Love – 

Give – 

Laugh – 

Raise your vibration – 

play with the universe

Dance naked in the moonlight – 

Enjoy every moment as it is – 

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want

Abundance – 

Energy attraction –  What you are seeking is seeking you but you can only find each other if you are vibrating at the right frequency.

What you think is what you create – 

Let go of fear –

Foster self esteem – 

People – 

Know your self

Who you are – 

Beliefs and values – 

Your mission – 

Have faith

Hope – 

Believe in something – 


A higher power – 

Trust the universe


Trust your intuition

That gut feeling – 

Do you have inutition – 

Have faith in your crazy powerful divine inner self – 


Why it's there – 

Accessing your intuition – 


Surround yourself with happy people

raising vibration – 

raising self esteem – 

feeling of connection and belonging – 


like attracts like – 

laughter –