The Crazy Powerful Divine Inner Being That Is Renay



As a child I loved learning knew things. I was good at school, was hard working and had dreams of becoming a lawyer and running my own successful law firm. Even then I knew that it was possible to have it all as a crazy powerful woman in today's society.

Life had other plans however and after I finished school I became distracted, I lost my way, I succumbed to temptations and I lost myself to those around me with stronger opinions, stronger forces of will and stronger ego's than I.

I found myself as a shadow of who I was really supposed to be, letting life guide me, with no personal power. 

I became lost in a void of complex PTSD, anxiety and powerlessness. That crazy powerful divine inner being trapped away in a prison of my own making.

It wasn't until in my late 20's I begun to break free of the prison I found myself in and create a new life true to the crazy powerful divine inner being that I am.

I found my way to alternative therapies and spirituality as a way to recover from the, programming, emotional blocks and aches that plagued my soul and begin to step into the true image of who I truly am supposed to be, truly embracing my inner desire to learn and to heal.

I have spent the last 5 years in pursuit of unleashing that divine inner being, mind, body and soul, figuring out what works and what doesn't, what works fast and just how to move past complex issues  so that I can help you to unleash your very own crazy powerful divine inner being 


My passion for education was reignited in 2013 when i went back to the basics and completed a CERT III in Business and I have been striving to learn and educate myself ever since.

I was given luminous light field attunement and activation in 2013.

In 2014 I begun studying at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Melbourne to begin work towards completing my Bachelor of Applied Science in Naturopathy. This is expected to be a work in progress until 2022

In 2015 I undertook a double CERT IV in Business and Frontline management, completing the certificates

It seems however that my motivation knows know bounds and in 2015 I begun study and practice in hypnotherapy and neuro  linguistic programming, completing a double diploma, qualifying in May 2016 and becoming a professional registered member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.

In December of 2016, I decided to enhance my skills as a practitioner and am back at it again studying for my Advanced Diploma in hypnotherapy, NLP and psychotherpy which I expect to complete in May 2017.

In September of this year I was fortunate enough to study under my good friend and reiki master to achieve reiki one level, reiki 2 will be in February

Mine is a life long passion to add to my knowledge base so that I can serve better in my role as a healer



I currently live in South East Melbourne with my partner, our 5 kids aged between 6 and 15, our, dog, our cat and our 2 fish.  We are a blended family and have experienced the ups and downs that come along with separation, custody, re partnering, parenting and all the icky bits of finding new love with a ready made family, but at the end of the day they are everything and we wouldn't change any of it for anything.

The hard working, ever patient, always supportive Scott and I came into each other's lives about ten years ago now and while it's not always smooth sailing, we are both committed to personal growth and being the best partner we can be for each other and  that always helps us to get through ans see shinier days. Life is often a challenge but there's nobody we'd rather face those challenges with.