Health is best achieved on Mind, Body and Soul levels

How do you define health lovely one?  Is it the merely the absence disease? or is it something that runs deeper?  Is it total physical, emotional and spiritual well being?

Real lasting inner health happens on all levels, Mind, Body and Soul each effecting the other and preventing you from achieving true inner health.

True inner health begins with living a life that is truly healthy and in line with the divine inner being inside of you, taking into account, all aspects of the being, mind, body and soul and ends with you living a life which is complete, satisfying, and amazing!

It is not enough to focus on your physical health. Attention also needs to be paid to your mental/emotional health and your soul health. If one of these is out of balance, the other's can not function to their optimum levels. No one part is more important than any other.

Consider...if you try to lose weight and set a plan for yourself to eat well and exercise regularly, that may not happen if you are feeling depressed or anxious.
Similarly if you are trying to overcome a depression but you are suffering from physical ailments it may be harder to lift yourself out of the depressive state.

Nothing is more crazy powerful divine than being healthy from the inside out on mind body and soul levels

Habits for a Healthy Mind, Body and Soul


Eat to nourish your body

Work out regularly

Get a good nights sleeep

Drink plenty of water


Train your brain

Think positively

learn something new every day

Challenge yourself


Clear emotional blockages

Foster self esteem and confidence

Practice gratitude

Practice mindfulness 


Do what you love

Be around people who lift you up

Have faith

Trust your intuition

The Mind Body Connection

What the mind believes, the body agrees with.

We are only just beginning to understand the complexity of the power our thoughts have over our physical health, our ability to heal and our body's ability to function from day to day.

Studies are showing that 70% of all healing is a result of placebo - Healing that occurs because the patient believes that it will. Nocebo, on the flip side of the coin is where negative reactions occur during treatments because the client holds the belief that a negative reaction will occur.

It is now generally accepted that we can indeed worry ourselves sick and beat the odds through mental determination. 

The beliefs we hold about or physical selves become reality as our bodies react to these beliefs and create a state of being in line with what we believe in our minds is happening.

This can effect us on many levels.

Five crazy powerful divine displays of the mind body connection;

1. When on a diet - if we believe that we are restricting ourselves and going without - your body will believe that you are going without and go into preservation mode, refusing to release the fat covering your body until you let it know it is safe to do so.

Similarly if you believe that you are a "fat" person, your body will believe this and and again refuse to release the fat from your body. After all as a fat person you still need it right?

2. If you believe that your body is weak and can not perform a task - chances are your body will weaken until you can indeed not complete the said task.

3. Nurturing a love for your body and adopting beliefs that your body is divine, healthy and powerful will let your body know that it is safe and looked after and allow it to naturally choose a state of health and vitality which is just perfect for you.

4. Studies have shown that visualising yourself completing an exercise has positive health benefits as compared to not having even thought about the exercise.

5. If you have an itch it is possible to use meditation and visualisation to scratch the itch without having to actually touch the spot!

Honouring your physical body and fostering positive attitudes and beliefs towards your body are vital for maintaining a healthy mind body connection


Mindfulness is the practice of being aware and present in the moment and is so very
important because it allows you to see your thoughts as though someone else is having
them and give you the opportunity to change them. This can be a difficult thing to
achieve to begin with but it gets easier with practice and as you work on becoming
more mindful. You can find that your thoughts become easy to change into one of a
more positive mind set.
Mindfulness is about being present in the moment, not looking bad and feeling bad
about what has happened, not looking ahead, not worrying about what will happen. It is
the practice of focusing only on the task at hand in this very moment and nothing else.
Buddhist monks use mindfulness widely is their practices. One example is when they
sit down to eat, they sit down only to eat and while doing so, notice every mouthful of
food that goes in their mouth. They pay attention to the flavours and textures of the
food, to chewing properly and in doing so saviour every moment of the meal they are
eating. How lovely to saviour every moment of life because you are only focused on what needs to be done.