Your the one in control

I know it's there...That crazy powerful divine inner being has a sexy side sweet thang!

A side that yearns to be noticed and valued for all the wordly, feminine allure you possess.

Come on now.....Your a woman, I know you feel it, deep down there in your very depths. A desire to drive your man wild and fill your nights with wild unbridled passion.

You know... those nights of lengthy foreplay, breathless sweatiness, and endless orgasms?

If you don't know what I'm talking about then........ why not?

It's time to stop waiting for sexual satisfaction to be served to you on a platter and go and get em you crazy powerful divine being!

Can I share a little secret with you?

Come in a little closer now, sssh....listen carefully now.........

You have the power to make sure your needs are met on your terms! 

If it sounds like I'm shouting, it's because I am!!!

Not fulfilling your sexual urges can create blockages and prevent the free flow of energy and only you have the power to get those urges satisfied yet too many women sit around waiting for it to be time for their needs to matter. Waiting to be served sexual satisfaction on a platter. 

It doesn't have to that way! 

You can let that divine inner being loose in the bedroom too!

Let that crazy powerful divine inner being out in the bedroom

While looks, phenomenal moves and the perfect costuming are fun, that stuff just totally doesn't matter

What matters and makes you truly sexy,

The way to bring out your crazy , powerful, divine inner being in the bedroom;

Is by bringing your presence and the essence of who you are into the moment and letting her run wild!

Are you playful in the bedroom? Maybe a little kinky? Maybe you like to dress up or do the wild thang in strange places.......

What ever your style, if you let out that crazy sexy being and take matters into your own hands, your bound (Pun intended) to have all your desires met and more.

Learn the Subtle Seductive Art of the Strip Tease

Wow your partner with a confident, crazy powerful divine, seductive strip tease

Explore and remove emotional blocks surrounding sex and your sexuality

Get in touch with your sexuality

Get in touch with your body and your own natural way of moving

Find your unique style

Find confidence in the bedroom

Learn the body language that gets attention in the bedroom

Pull it all together in a routine of easy to learn movements that suit your new found style

divine angel classes.jpg

DIY Divine Classes

Choose the class that best suits your needs and experience levels

While all classes include information about how to remove your intimates in a sexy way, only the Divine Devil classes contains actual nude practice

Divine Angel classes

For the crazy powerful divine inner being who is just starting out

This is our beginner class for crazy powerful divine beings who need to get in touch with their body and their own natural way of moving

Get in touch with your individual crazy powerful divine inner style

Learn a basic strip tease routine.

Divine Diva classes

Intermediate classes

This class is perfect for divine beings who already have found their style and are confident in moving their body

More complex moves

Grow your confidence and bring it with you into your everyday life

Divine Goddess classes

For the confident, comfortable crazy powerful divine being who wants to take it up a level.

Learn strip tease tricks and more complex moves to really wow your partner in the bedroom

Divine Devil Sessions

For the divine being who wants to get a little more naughty

Learn a new strip tease routine including nude practice

Divine Bridal

Hen's Nights, bridal showers, women's events

Have one of our experienced party hostesses attend your function.

2.5 hour party event at your location

All guests learn a basic strip tease routine from start to finish while having fun getting in touch with their crazy powerful divine inner goddess.


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