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The Awakening Code

Have you been seeing number sequences such as 1111, 222, 4444 all over the place lately and know that it means something but are not really quite sure what? Do you want to understand the messages being sent to you a little better?  Personally if I notice that a post has 111 likes or been shared 444 times or something like that, I always stand up and take notice to what the post is about and who posted it because I know I'm being sent a message that could be important to my journey.

Seeing numbers in sequence like this randomly throughout your day is actually a pretty exciting thing and it's a sign that you are awakening to a new level of consciousness so if you are seeing these numbers all over the place rejoice!.... because great things are heading your way!

These number sequences are our guides and angels trying to get our attention and communicate important messages with us that we need for our personal development.

Simply put, these sequential numbers are the awakening code, a means of universal communication and they are part of the wider awakening that is happening on a global scale.  The universe is moving from a paradigm fuelled by masculine energy, ego, greed and separateness to one dominated by feminine energies, connection, love and peace and is using our spiritual guides as a means to communicate this to us.

 In it's wake, the collective consciousness is raising to a higher vibrational level and old outdated ways of thinking and doing things are becoming obsolete as we make way for fresh, new thoughts and behaviours. This awakening can be messy, painful and confusing but it's a hell of a lot easier to navigate your way through it if you understand the messages that the awakening code is trying to give you.

So with that in mind let me demystify the awakening code for you, including why it's happening, what it means on personal and global scales and what to do if you have been experiencing this phenomenon.

The new paradigm

For the last 3-5,000 years depending on the teaching you follow, the world has been influenced by a masculine dominated energy creating ego, separation from our source, materialism, misery and hardship in our world. 

But right now the world is birthing a new paradigm. We are moving into an era dominated by feminine energies creating oneness, growth and peace in our world. In order for this to happen the world needs individual beings like yourself to shine bright like beacons to help raise the consciousness of others.  Many of us even made a soul contract before coming back to earth for our current lifetime to help ease the transition to the new paradigm.

As more and more of us awaken and turn on our bright lights to show others the way, the vibrational energy of the planet will rise bringing with it deeper connection, greater creativity and abundance to all and the universe uses these number sequences as a call to action if you will, calling on lightworkers to wake up and further spread the message.

What is awakening?

The awakening is the raising of the human consciousness from a state of going through life in an unconscious manner in fear based, separation, greed and ego where we simply just let things happen to us; to one of conscious decision, loving collaboration, connectedness to source and freedom where we are empowered to make things happen for us instead.

As our consciousness raises and we face certain truths, we can begin to let go of the old ways of thinking that we have been programmed with and adopt new higher levels ways of thinking free of the old limitations that we have always put on ourselves.

As this happens our vibrational levels rise and we experience an activation of DNA strands which were turned off through a lack of use many thousands of years ago. These DNA strands include our cellular and genetic memories - our link to our source.

Awakening and activation of DNA essentially signals a return to our roots. For some this is as healers, seers, sages, mystics etc. but for everyone it is a connection to something larger than ourselves and an increased social awareness and conscious.

Why the numbers?

Digital Code is the universal language that our guides and angels use to communicate with us.

All physical matter in the world is made up of vibrational energy which can be read as digital code - think the matrix - if we could see the way computers do, everything would look to us like the streams of numbers portrayed in the movie and it would be easier for the universe to contact us but that's not how we work so instead we are shown sequential number series designed to get our attention.

By exposing us to varying number sequences, the universe is giving us messages that are important for our personal development

Common number synchronicities are usually in sequences of  3 and 4 of the same numbers in a row such as 111, 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444 but can occur in combinations such as 1122, 2233, 1144 etc and all of the numbers have different meanings.

Different lightworkers have received slightly different meanings for the numbers from their guides but they are all always about communication from a higher source to bring about a higher level of consciousness. I have my set and I have listed them below for you but you can easily google awakening code number meanings and see what others have to say on the matter. It's also possible to use your connection to source to come up with your own set of numbers because, don't forget, the answers are all within you.

The number meanings are;

1's - This is the number for awakening or more specifically a rise in consciousness. When you see 1's in sequence it's important to watch what you are thinking because it is being created for you right now.

2's - Keep going - things that you have begun working on are coming into fruition and you are moving in the right direction

3's - Ascended masters are near and want you to know that they are guiding you to your true purpose 

4's - Angels are near and want you to know that you have their support and help during this time.

5's - A major life change is coming that should be considered neither positive nor negative, try to remain neutral about the outcome and know that it is for the benefit of your highest self.

6's - You are out of balance and ungrounded at the moment and need to focus less on the material world and more on your own personal growth. 

7's - You are being applauded! Your guides are happy with the work you have been doing and want you to know that it has not gone unnoticed.

8's - Your work is nearly done, the lessons you are meant to learn are just just about done and this completion is a catalyst to deeper understanding.

9's - A deep lesson is wanting to be learned in order to increase your conscious awareness

5 Symptoms of awakening

  1. Things seem to be changing on you - All of your preconceived ideas about how the world should be keep being shattered as you realise new ways of doing things and allow a new life to come into vision..
  2. No longer have patience for the same old - Gossip, small talk and drama no longer have a place in your life as you begin to seek deeper meaning in your daily interactions
  3. Physical changes - You may be suddenly experiencing health issues, sore muscles and joints, weight gain or loss, nausea and physical discomfort as you begin to release the old and make way for the new.
  4. Anxiety - With all the changes going on, things can seem uncertain and as we try to understand and accept these changes, we can experience anxieties about releasing the old and about accepting the new, even if we have never had anxiety before. 
  5. Tastes and interests are changing - Things that used to entertain you and keep you amused now seem shallow and hollow as we search for a deeper meaning in our lives and activities.

What do do if you are experiencing these symptoms

  1. Be gentle with yourself - Accept what is happening with gentle grace and don't push yourself too hard. If things don't go "right" or the way you want, it's important not to tell yourself off or be too hard on yourself.
  2. Practice mindfulness - Be present and aware in the moment so that you don't miss your learning opportunities and to ease the transitions. Pay attention to the decisions that are required from you
  3. Trust in the universe's plan - Know that whatever is happening right now is not happening to you but is happening for you and your ability to fulfil your destiny. 
  4. Be open to what's next - In order for you yo transform into the highest version of yourself, things are going to have to change, they simply can not stay the way they re right now. If you resist and fight these changes, you will have a harder time with this transition but if you open yourself up to what is coming next in your life, you will be rewarded with new gifts and 
  5. Spread your light - Don't dim for those who are uncomfortable with your light, shine bright so that you may be a beacon to those who need your light right now. Spread your light so that others may be inspired to spread theirs.

How to quicken the pace of your awakening

  1. Be open to receive the messages from your guides. if you are closed off to the universal energies it, will be harder for them to make contact with you. Don't worry though it won't stop them trying and they may find different ways to communicate with you until you are open enough to receive the digital code.  
  2. Again be gentle with yourself - if you are punishing yourself for not being far enough in your spiritual quest or because you feel like you are not good enough, you will again block out the messages and not see them.
  3. Raise your vibration - Drink plenty of water and nourish your body so that you can raise your vibration on a physical level. The higher your vibration the clearer the messages will be.
  4. Practice gratitude - The universe loves it when you say thank you and gratitude is one of the fastest ways to feel the loving connection between you and your guides.
  5. Trust the universe - Have faith that things are going to workout just the way they are supposed to.
  6. Look for the lessons- In every situation that life throws at you, every interaction and every....., there is a lesson that can be learned if you look for the lessons.
  7. Live an authentic life- Live a life that is truly made for you, that you enjoy and that you have consciously made for yourself. Don't settle into someone else's idea of what your life should be.
  8. Don't resist- Resistance is futile anyway - The more we resist changes and lessons that need to be learned, the harder it is to move forward and into the life that is truly meant for us.

On a personal level, awakening happens for each person in their own time and in their own way. It's not something that can be forced and in fact can be detrimental to a person's mental health to go too fast or in the wrong way because of the painful truths that are learned as part of awakening. Your guides will understand this and will send you messages as you are ready to receive them but if you feel like things are going too fast then yo can ask your guide to slow down a little to give you a chance to absorb the information and lessons necessary.

Of course in order for anything to become your truth, it must resonate with you and feel good to you. Never take someone else's truth as your own if it doesn't resonate with you. Always take what you need and leave the rest. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the awakening - do these numbers resonate with you? Do you have anything else to add?

Renay xxxxx

Shyness or Social Anxiety Disorder?

Shyness or Social Anxiety Disorder?

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Stress Theory


David McQuillan 2008


So what is stress?

Stress has both physiological and psychological components. We respond to external events or even imagined events with a generalized set of responses called General Adaptation Syndrome or the stress response, but our responses are to some degree tailored to the nature of the event.


Physiological models

Walter Cannon coined the term the “Fight or flight” response that is commonly used to describe the way in which our body reacts to stress.

Cannon originally found this response in animals, but it was later found to also present in humans. The fight or flight response describes the way mammals respond to a threat. When our ancestors were walking through the jungle, and they came across a threat they needed to decide very quickly if they should fight or run away. The fight or flight response prepares the body almost instantly for these actions.


The Fight or Flight Response

The first stage of the fight or flight response is activation of the sympathetic nervous system. This causes a system-wide response. Adrenaline and noradrenaline are released leading to increased alertness. Blood is diverted from the internal organs and the skin to skeletal muscles. The heart-rate, force of heart contractions, and respiratory rate are increased. The body begins to convert stored glycogen into glucose. All of these changes allow the body to exert a large amount of energy over a short period of time so that the individual may either fight effectively, or run away effectively.

One well-known phenomena which has it’s roots in the fight or flight response is the reporting of people lifting cars off their loved ones after a car accident. The amount of energy that such a task demands seems inconceivable to most people, and indeed it would be without the fight or flight response.


General Adaptation Syndrome

The fight or flight response is designed for response to acute (or short-term) stressors, however many of the stressors that affect modern man may be chronic in nature. Hans Selye developed the General Adaptation Syndrome model to describe the effect of chronic stressors on the body.


The first stage of the model is the alarm phase. This is where the fight or flight response is activated causing the organism’s ability to resist the stressor to increase. In the resistance phase, the body starts to adapt to the existence of a chronic stressor. In the exhaustion phase the body’s resources become depleted, and body systems start to deteriorate.

The diagram to the right shows what would happen if an individual was presented with a single stressor while all other stressors in their life remained unchanging. At first their ability to deal with the stressor would increase. After a period of time, their ability to resist would stop increasing and would eventually begin to decrease as the individual became worn down by the stressor. Eventually the individual would become unable to resist the effects of the stress, and would become ill.

Selye was an endocrinologist who spent much of his life studying the stress response. He noticed that both good news and bad news stimulated this general response calling negative stress distress and positive stress eustress. Selye saw stress as a generic response which occurred in reaction to any stressor (1974).


The Relaxation Response

In 1976 a medical researcher called Herbert Benson in his studies of transcendental meditation practitioners discovered what he called the relaxation response (Payne, 2005). This is the direct opposite of the fight or flight response.

The relaxation response is mediated by the parasympathetic nervous system, which is also called the resting and digesting system. It works in opposition to the fight or flight response by decreasing heart rate, force of contraction, rate of respiration, and diverting blood away from skeletal muscles to the internal organs, therefore stimulating digestion.


The Autonomic Nervous System

Both the fight or flight response and the relaxation response are mediated by the autonomic nervous system which is composed of the symphathetic nervous system and the parasymphathetic nervous system. These branches of the nervous system are like the yin and the yang of our being. Their relative levels of stimulation dictate whether we are alert or lethargic, and an appropriate balance between the two systems is essential for our good health and functioning.


A Psychological Model

Twenty years after Selye developed his General Adaptation Syndrome model of stress, Cox and MacKay redefined stress as a psychological phenomena.

Stress is “a perceptual phenomenon arising from a comparison between the demand on the person and his ability to cope. An imbalance…gives rise to the experience of stress and to the stress response” (Cox & MacKay, 1976)


According to this model, demands placed on an individual result in an increase in performance. There is a point however where optimal performance is reached, and further demands will act to decrease an individual’s performance. This relationship is sometimes illustrated by the human performance curve (shown to the right).

The most interesting implication of this model is that it’s not so much the actual demands that are significant, it’s how we perceive these demands and our ability to cope with them. A person who perceives their ability to cope as weak will experience more stress & vice-versa.

Another interesting implication is that mental wellbeing comes from having an ideal level of stimulation. When we say we are stressed, we really mean that we are under more stress than we can handle. The only time that we are completely free from stress is at death (Payne, 2005).

Psychological stressors are the most common stressors in modern life. Stress caused by worrying about things that may never happen such as losing our job, or our loved ones being hurt is much more common than actually being in a situation where we are physically threatened.



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Hypnotherapy in the treatment of women's sexual anxieties

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The Hypnotic Truth

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Hypnotherapy, and treatment for anxiety in relationship discord

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